Horse Leasing

Always wanted a horse but never had a big enough backyard?

Contact us about Leasing one of our wonderful horses!

Miniature Leasing

So many times after camps or a visit to the farm, the kids are so obviously attached to the horse they were working with and hate leaving their horse behind when they go home at the end of the program. So, we developed a leasing program. We lease the mini of their choosing (if that mini hasn’t already been leased yet!) for $100 a month. They can come and play with that mini, groom that mini and love on their mini as if it were their own. It is the perfect gift for the child who can not have their own horse. It builds confidence, increases their self-esteem and provides a lasting friendship. 

Full-Size Leasing

For individuals who desire to ride but don’t have their own horse, leasing one of SRF’s full size horses is the perfect solution. Leases are done in 6 month commitments which can be renewed at the end of each 6 months. The cost of leasing a full size horse for riding(this includes board & all feed) is $250 a month. Plus farrier, wormer and vet services as needed.  You must have horse and riding experience or be a current lesson student at SierraRose Farms.  

Our horses are available on a first come, first serve basis.  For more information and horse availability, please contact Lee Ann Hull. 

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